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Several key elements are required for online success in real estate investing.

1. Strong Content

Strong content is essential for online success.  People search online for solutions and need good information in a format they understand. With a glut of information on the internet, how are they going to notice your content? Information alone does not do the trick anymore.


2. Skilled Copywriting

Skilled copywriting can be the difference between success and failure of a business in today’s online world. Good copy is a must. Organizing and presenting your content into strategic digestible articles helps the reader and enables Google to see your web site as “added value”. This results in higher page ranking. But there’s more.


3. Personalize

Winning websites these days show motivated sellers the credibility, authority, humanity, and authenticity (the Big Four) of their owners. This is a winning combination because if the attitude isn’t real, it falters. The most successful people online communicate the Big Four and make integrity the most important element in their toolbox. Motivated sellers have fears to subside, and they want to connect with you intellectually and emotionally when they can trust you to solve their problem. We help out with strategic local and national websites, and coordinated social media platforms. Supporting your work with your client is an effective back office system optimized for efficiency and leveraging data to provide the best odds of converting your leads into deals.


We Want to Talk to You

If your online success is lacking, we can help!

If you meet our guidelines below, we want to talk to you.  Fill out the form below and we will contact you with a free strategy session, where we evaluate your online presence, show you what our product will look like in your area, and strategize with you how to improve your online marketing presence. We’re building our network of regionally exclusive local sites under a national brand. Our system is designed to not only rank in your market but dominate it.  You either fit our guidelines or you know someone who wants to dominate.

With effective SEO strategies, content marketing can turn into destination marketing, and dominating the market becomes much more of a possibility.

Investors spend a lot of money chasing sellers to develop a relationship and buy their house through content marketing. But when done well, that content marketing can turn into destination marketing, where sellers will seek you out because your presence on our web site has preceded you, and the trust factor starts off high. Organic leads flowing in with trust already built are much hotter than those obtained by Pay-Per-Click and Direct Mail. This takes time to build, but with the right team on your side, you can dominate.

There are three types of investors who should want to contact us:

1.  Those spending with the big boys on marketing and advertising, but don’t dominate their market and would like to.
2.  Those spending not as much as the big boys but would like to ramp up in a smart way and want to dominate their market.
3.  Those yet to spend with the big boys and want a plan in place to dominate their market once they begin to spend.

Which one are you?

We are opening markets across the country and are developing creative ways for clients to realize their dreams of doing well and even dominating their markets.

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Real estate investors want to help distressed property owners. Online success allows you to help more people.