Do You Struggle Writing Keyword Rich Articles?


Do you struggle with copywriters you hire understanding writing for SEO and proper placement of keywords? Do you wish you had an effective way to copy/paste content from a Word file to the WordPress editor?

Would you like a tool to help you optimize for multiple keywords? Do you want to hit a button and see the keywords highlighted to see if they are properly distributed?

U.S. Direct Home Buyers has the tool for you. Our Keyword Optimization Tool helps us write for SEO and we want to make it available to you.


Yes, U.S. Direct Home Buyers is a for-profit business and has a business reason for giving this tool to you at NO CHARGE.

You see, U.S. Direct Home Buyers is launching a brand new opportunity across the country. We have obtained domain names for each state and the top 350 cities in the nation. That means in addition to we have,, and so on. We even have, where you can see a map with all our locations.

We have a unique system of national landing pages and planned local websites, all designed to provide a dominating presence to local investors who buy into our system. Long term, because of the strength of our SEO strategies and the massive national/local network we’re building, and the robust social media platforms afforded our local clients, being a U.S. Direct Home Buyers franchise owner (we will begin selling franchises next year) will mean having an edge on the competition because your advertising costs will be reduced because of your high Google ranking.

We engage in content marketing, where we earn the right to promote ourselves to motivated sellers by educating them on how to solve their problem. Content marketing works when four things are in place:

  • Authority – Knowing what you are doing

  • Credibility – Having a record of doing what you say you will do

  • Humanity – Doing the right thing when no one’s around

  • Authenticity – Having no secret agendas

so here’s the deal. The Keyword Optimization Tool is not really free. You pay no money, but if you find value in this tool we ask the following from you:

  • Look at our network of websites and tell us what you think.
  • Find someone you know who might qualify to be a client of ours and tell them about U.S. Direct Home Buyers. We pay referral fees for any referred clients after their sixth month. Better, give us their information and we’ll contact them.
  • Like us on Facebook and/or YouTube and leave us positive comments!
  • Ask us about being on our national buyers’ list.

Now here are some details on the Keyword Optimization Tool.

  1. It is a macro-enabled Word file, having a “docm” extension as opposed to “docx”.
  2. The macro is executed in the Word file when you press alt+r.
  3. A companion text file, “kwlist.txt”, comes with the Word file. This file is to reside in the same folder as the Word file.
  4. The macro belongs to the Word file. It will not operate on any Word file other than the file you download from us. You can copy the file or use “Save as” and the macro will work on those files.
  5. The macro is password protected and cannot be modified.
  6. The entire document is checked for the main and secondary keywords. Non-H1 and H2 text is checked for the other keywords.
  7. The macro checks text with the styles “Heading 1”, “Heading 2”, and “Normal”. We found that when you copy and paste this text into the WordPress editor the resulting styles are “H1”, “H2” and “Paragraph” respectively.
  8. You may find the macro recognizing the heading styles as stated above and everything else as “Normal”, regardless of the text style in Word. We only tested the macro with the three styles mentioned and can’t attest to the behavior of the macro with additional text styles. Since this macro is for simple keyword optimization for WordPress articles, we recommend using only the three styles mentioned.
  9. When the keyword check routine is run by pressing the “Report” button, text in the document will be highlighted in the appropriate color. Highlights are cleared each time the macro is executed. A checkbox allows you to run the macro with no highlights.
  10. When the macro is run, the keywords stored in the aforementioned “kwlist.txt” will be overwritten with any changes the user might make to the list.
  11. For any Word files that are stored in different folders, the “kwlist.txt” for that folder will contain the keywords separately, enabling the user to separate posts by topic and thus differing keywords.
  12. When the user clicks on the “Report” button, the document is searched for the keywords, the text is highlighted, and a report dialog box appears marking the following:
    1. Keywords in the H1 and H2 text
    2. Checkmark showing the keyword was used with the frequency shown in parenthesis
    3. The overall word count of the article
  13. Changes to the “kwlist.txt” file when the
  14. If you wish to check for more keywords you can enter them in the field and re-run the report.
  15. If for some reason the “kwlist.txt” is not found in the same folder as the Word file, the user simply enters them in the form and a new “kwlist.txt” file is created in the folder.
  16. All highlighting is cleared when the “Clear Highlights” button is clicked. As mentioned above, you are given the option to run the report without highlights.
  17. When complete, copy and paste the text into the WordPress editor. Make sure the “Visual” tab is active and not the “Text” tab. The “Text” tab is for HTML and you will not get the result you want.
  18. Hyperlinks in Word. We found that they work fine when pasted into the WordPress editor. Make sure you have relevant anchor text that the Google bots will understand, and that it logically connects the link to the text in your document.
  19. Photos in Word. We found that if a photo exists in Word, then WordPress will ignore it when pasting. Experiment and see what works for you. We recommend you treat each photo individually in WordPress to make sure your alt text, image name, and captions are set the way you like. Google likes these items to be in alignment and will reward you for it.
  20. Your use of the Word file, “kwtext.txt” file and the macro is governed by the license agreement you agreed to when you downloaded the Keyword Optimization Tool. You are fully responsible for any results coming from your use of the tool. We are not in the software business and derive no direct benefit from distributing this tool. We just want to help you if we can.