Commission Only:

I’m looking for people to join my real estate investing team in various locations and help me find run-down-looking houses.

The ideal team members for us should have a long-term interest in Real Estate investing, spare time to drive their local neighborhoods, be tech-savvy w/ a smartphone, and have a stable job already in place. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Not everyone is well qualified to do this. If you need to be paid right away for any work you do, this position is not likely for you. But if you have some time to invest and are smart about where you drive, the rewards can be quite satisfying.

But even if you don’t have the time to drive or need money right away, you may want to attend. There are several opportunities we’ll discuss which may pique your interest.

This is a commission-only position that requires you to take pictures of properties that meet our criteria. An average payment is $750-$1,000, which is usually 1 in every 250-400 houses that you add. If we put together multiple deals you can take the experience and begin to grow to be an independent real estate investor working for yourself. But that’s after you’ve worked some as a property scout. 250-400 houses may seem like a lot, but we provide some tools which make this attainable and even fun, and allow you to possibly make some good money.

Examples of houses that you would look for and send to me:

  • Stuffed-full mailboxes
  • Broken or boarded up windows
  • Tarp on the roof or falling-off gutters
  • Visually in bad shape
  • Vacant
  • Tall grass and/or ignored landscaping
  • Handicap ramp
  • Window unit air-conditioning units leaning

I can give you a specific neighborhood to drive, or you can choose the areas that are easiest for you to drive within your area.

I will be hosting a zoom meeting every Thursday at 5:30 PM central time. Sign up for the meeting and we’ll send you the zoom link. After the meeting we’ll send you the web link with our short application. We are in the process of creating exclusive marketing regions fill by our most qualified applicants.

We ask for contact information, but don’t worry, WE WILL NEVER SPAM YOU!

If you miss this week, we will repeat it every Thursday, same time, same station.

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