Click on the link below and select Monday, Aug 9
for SE Louisiana Property Scout Meeting:

We are holding an interest meeting for Southeast Louisiana Property Scout positions on Monday August 9 at 5:30 PM central time.

This is a commission-only position and is well suited for those with an interest in real estate investing and want to learn the ropes and maybe partner with us on some deals.

Being real estate, payment is not immediate, so if you need money quickly for a job, this is probably not for you. But, whatever your financial state, if you are interested in real estate investing, you might enjoy the presentation.

If you can’t make Monday at 5:30, we’ll have our regular meeting Thursday.

Territories to be assigned are as follows:

  • Baton Rouge
  • New Orleans East Bank
  • New Orleans West Bank
  • River Parishes
  • Houma
  • North Shore

After a 45 minute presentation and Q&A, a link will be shared to an application form. One or more opportunities exist for each territory.

Sign up at this link:

You may have to copy and paste URL to your browser.

Glad for your interest. Look forward to seeing you on the call.

U.S. Direct Home Buyers